Twist Fell’s Point: The Best BYOB Restaurant in Baltimore

Put a Twist on your night

Fell’s Point in Baltimore is well known for its vibrant night life, festivals, and it’s rich history, but few spots exist where you can sit down and bring your own beverage (BYOB). BYOB restaurants in Baltimore can be hard to find, but with the right food become the best hidden gem.

BYOB restaurants have the obvious benefit of being less expensive tabs with the versatility to bring your own drink, but there’s more to the appeal than just the price. BYOB means more ways to have fun when you’re planning your next night out.

BYOB is better

Everyone has bought that bottle of champagne, or broken out an old bottle of wine you’ve held onto, for a special occasion. But to actually enjoy it, you’ll either need to order in or make dinner. Anniversaries, graduations, and special occasions should be celebrated with your favorite drink and a great meal, but no one should have to cook.

Even if it’s just that you picked up a six-pack of your favorite Baltimore beer, finding BYOB restaurants to visit makes for a great night out. Twist Fell’s Point offers everything from a romantic, quiet dinner to a morning brunch with the girls and their favorite wine that other restaurants in Baltimore can’t offer.

Since Twist is one of Baltimore’s best BYOB restaurants, our atrium ends up being one of the best places to host dinner or tasting parties. If you’re trying to enjoy family or sharing wines with friends and trading your favorites, the beautiful atrium sits in the back allowing for privacy without feeling enclosed in a side room.

The benefits of BYOB restaurants are obvious, but choosing the right one may not be. Our brunch and dinner menus include some light, fresh and exciting twists on your favorite American and Mediterranean cuisine that make that easier on you.

Next time you’re downtown in Baltimore looking for BYOB restaurants, stop into Twist Fell’s Point for dinner or one of our decadent desserts and bring your favorite libation. It won’t take long for you to realize you’ve found your new favorite BYOB restaurant in Baltimore.